Compudigital Began As A Research & Development Company

How We Began

Compudigital started as a Research and Development company in 1985, producing electronic equipment for the Genetics Industry. In 1997, our corporate direction began to change as major manufacturers required assistance in selling excess materials and products. Today, our company expertise lies in the areas of WEB programming and the sales of excess materials via the Internet. We maintain numerous sites for Fortune 100 manufacturers, all used to either sell excess materials or to track the sales of new and B-Stock products. The mainstay of our service offering is a program we call ExcessManager, a tool specifically designed for controlled sales of excess materials and inventory. Our additional software package called MeetComp tracks price drop approvals to bring this process into compliance with Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

Jeffrey L. Hilliard, CEO and President of Compudigital Industries, Inc.


Areas of Expertise





Process Development


Product Returns Management


Hardware in software integration


Internet Sales


Warehouse Operations


Quick turnaround processes




Inventor of 3 patented products (U.S. Patent #s 5,272,474, 4,695,547, and 4,882,281)


1990 - 1999

Invented, developed, and manufactured the Progenetor, a genetic Fusion Device used in cancer research and plant development. This system was sold through Hoefer Scientific Instruments in San Francisco (eventually purchased by Monsanto) and was instrumental in new developments to further crop distribution. The Progenetor was also used to develop a tomato with more meat. One of the more notable products developed was the seedless watermelon, which is enjoyed by the billions each summer. 

Compudigital Industries, Inc. also manufactured a high accuracy LED Digital panel meter for Hoefer Scientific Instruments. This meter was incorporated into the manufacturing of their power supply products. Compudigital produced over 80,000 meters spanning a 9 year period.


1991 – Talking elevator module for Otis

In collaboration with Otis Elevator in San Francisco, Compudigital developed the first talking Otis Elevator. This device used the “Digitalker” Chip technology and was the basis for future talking elevators all over the world. 

This technology was the predecessor to a system designed for Country Coach Motorhomes. The system integrated with their mainframe in order to warn owners of potential issues, such as, high or low fluid levels, power issues, and more.

1985 - Electrofusion Electrodes

President of Compudigital, Jeff Hilliard, invented and manufactured an electrofusion electrode used to fuse (electroporate) genetic cells from two dissimilar plant varieties. This electrofusion is how scientists came up with the seedless watermelon and other new varieties of plants. Compudigital manufactured the electrodes for Hoefer Scientific Instruments.

U.S. Patent (Patent #4,695,547) on September 22, 1987, Jeff Hilliard

US Patent (Patent # 4,882,281) on November 21, 1989, Jeff Hilliard


1990 - Designed Battery Charging Systems for Interspace Battery Company

Developed smart battery chargers for Fighter Jets, where the charge level was adjusted based on battery post temperature. Compudigital discovered that as batteries charged, the temperature remains constant until a point where the charge is nearly complete. Once charged, the battery temperature began to increase. Our development was a system which scales back the charge rate to a trickle.

1990 - IntelliHost Restaurant Seating Management System

Compudigital invented, designed, manufactured, and installed Intelli-Host, a system that manages seating in a restaurant. Almost every restaurant worldwide uses a Seating Management System at their greeting station and these systems are designed around this patent. 

Patent # 5,272,474) on December 21, 1993, Jeff Hilliard


1992 - 1994

Worked with Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Euro Disneyland in Marne La Valle, France to install IntelliHost as their first Restaurant Seating Management system at the new theme park.

1994 - 1997 – Scanner Return Center

Compudigital engineered and managed a customer product return center for Hewlett Packard where customer returns were processed. Through this process, our company provided evaluation and refurbishment services for many imaging products produced by Hewlett Packard for North America, South America, and parts of Europe. At the height of this process, Compudigital was able to evaluate, test, refurbish, and repackage from 20,000 to 25,000 imaging products per month at 50% of their original cost. All internet reporting systems for this process were developed by Compudigital programmers which sent process information to customers in real-time.


1997 – Scanner rework process

Compudigital set up a process to modify and rework over 20,000 document scanners in 1 month. Working with engineers from Rutishauser (The manufacturer from Germany), Compudigital successfully processed 20,000 scanners long before the expected completion date in record time, saving thousands of dollars in the process.

1996 - 2009 – Processing Excess Inventory

Compudigital began working with a major manufacturer of consumer products in the marketing of their excess products, setting up one of the first Internet based auction sites. During this time, Compudigital successfully took them from the point where they were offering excess materials through FAX Auctions, to the point where they were using the internet exclusively to sell their excess.


2001 - Online Internet Marketing and site Production

Developed On-line sales system for Sony Broadcast to sell excess and B-Stock models. Compudigital worked with Sony Broadcast from 2001 through 2010 while co-marketing materials to over 3,000 customers. The system grossed over $26M worth of product that was destined for the scrap process.

2002 - Current – Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Software Development

Compudigital began workin with a major manufacturer to develop a full on-line sales system to allow them to market products to their primary market partners with full Sarbanes Oxley trackable. HP continues to utilize this software today to sell products to their primary market partners.


2003 - 2007 - Developed Automated Punch-Out System

Compudigital developed a system for General Electric, NBC Television in New York, and Universal Studios in Hollywood that displays vendor catalogs to purchasing agents, allowing them to purchase products via the Internet from vendors that do not have the expertise or funding to develop systems on their own. This system called a "punch-out" system, has been in use since 2003 and continues to operate today. The NBC-Universal system is designed to integrate directly with NBC's E-Buy system and their new "SRM" systems using XML file transfer technology.

2004 - 2009 – Development of MeetComp system

Compudigital developed a web-based application called Meetcomp which is designed to assist major manufacturers in becoming Sarbanes Oxley compliant. By carefully tracking price change requests and approvals, all information becomes audit-able in real time. This system is in full operation today and is used by over 300 major buyers worldwide.


2011 – 2013 – Dolby Educational video production

Compudigital created educational video content for Dolby “Atmos”. This new and innovative surround system was difficult to understand, but the 3D Virtual demonstration videos produced by Compudigital helped supply Dolby's dealers and customers with information that makes it easy to understand.

For the past 33 years, Compudigital Industries, Inc. has responded to the needs and requests of our customers to find the most efficient and profitable method to sell their products. We specialize in the sales of excess products, manufacturing components, and most importantly, software to sell these products on-line. One of Compudigital's core values is to honor our customer’s primary channels. In other words, we never directly compete with your products. Keeping that in mind, we have established a network of channels worldwide that are typically not considered the “A” channel to our customers. 

Over the years, we have continued to work with our customers to create new methods, offerings where buyers compete for the same products, and more efficient distribution methods. Everything Compudigital offers is about driving up product value while reducing costs. We enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Perhaps that's one of the reasons our customers have been with us as long as they have! 

Company Information: 

Est. January 3, 1978 

Incorporated, California - May 12, 1985 

Primary Business: Software Development for Internet Sales, Customized Application Development, Hardware and Software Integration. 

Compudigital is an Ethical Practices Company 

This Ethical Practices program is designed to help you encourage ethical conduct and to establish an “Effective Compliance and Ethics Program” as described in Federal Regulation §8B2.1 effective November 1, 2004. 

We encourage ethical conduct for the simple reason that when you do what’s right—good things happen for everybody.